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  • A Retainer Arrangement: Through a retainer, a client will buy a bank of support days over a longer period, typically 3 to 12 months. Such clients are billed at a fixed monthly rate, but can use as many or as few days of support from their bank each month as they need, balancing out the total days purchased over the lifetime of the retainer.
  • Risk & Reward Models: We are happy to consider risk anPricing StructureWe aim to price our services that reflect good value to our clients, usually based on a day rate fee structure. Each new assignment is individually priced, taking account of the scale of the project and the relative expertise levels of the consultants involved. We sense check our pricing models through annual client feedback surveys, which continue to show that the vast majority of our clients perceive our fee structures to represent fair value. Most clients generally prefer one of the following pricing options:
    • A Fixed Day Arrangement: Many clients come to us wanting to engage our services on a specific project, most typically a current tender. For this we would agree and work to a pre-defined number of consultant days at an agreed day rate price.
    d reward models for clients on tender assignments. Here we can discount our day rates in return for a bonus payment if your tender is successful.
Please get in touch if you would like us to quote on a specific assignment.

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